Industrialism Films is a provider of current visionary projects ranging from music videos, commercials, feature films and original content.

Formed in 2003 by brothers Vicente and Fernando Cordero, Industrialism Films has been known for unique and highly stylized music videos and original shorts, which have gained the attention of well respected musicians and entrepreneurs.

Among the vast array of clientele, Industrialism Films has done directorial work for Gold and Platinum certified artists, full length feature films and have been featured on MTV, VHI and MTV Buzzworthy.

Fernando Cordero

Fernando grew up in Orcutt, CA, which he describes as a blue collar town centered in the middle of strawberry fields. He knew from when he was a child that the agricultural lifestyle wasn't for him. Instead, he drew robots.

Fernando remembers. He was lucky, he says, because despite living in such a small town, he had access to film programs that helped to encourage his interests and nourish his talents.

He credits his high school mentor, Mr. Garcia, as the first teacher to push the boundaries of his creativity. Fernando’s work can be seen on MTV, MTVU, and VHI.

With the interest that music managers, labels and production companies have been showing in Industrialism Films growing body of work, Fernando plans to keep his focus on music videos. “I’ve found my niche.” He smiles. “I’ve found the freedom to do films the way I want to.”


Vicente Cordero

Vicente grew up in a small town of Santa Maria, in the central coast of California. In a small town of small goals, Vicente’s larger than life imagination always kept his heart alive. Imagination, ideas, vision, and dreams drove Vicente to filmmaking.

With filmmaking and story telling, Vicente could now tell the stories and feelings that he would imagine. A fantasy of a different visual world or reality that the everyday viewer could escape to, just like Vicente did through his imagination as a kid.

Vicente began directing music videos after moving to Los Angeles in 2007, after his work would grow with quality and creativity, his clients also grew bigger.

Today he has directed over 70 music videos, worked with platinum labeled artists and has had work publicized on multiple networks such as MTV and VH1.