Fernando Cordero Caballero


There’s something about metal that has captured up-and-coming director Fernando Cordero’s imagination. Two aspects seem to fascinate him: the cold, sleek shine of the material itself, and the bellowing music that has taken on its name. Certainly, both are present in the music videos he creates. Clean, crisp lines dominate the screen; black and white silhouettes flicker like light bulbs; toy robots traverse a nuts-and-bolts laden terrain. Meanwhile, electric guitars blare and men with eyeliner scream into microphones. This visual double entendre has become the signature of the work he directs and produces with his brother, Vicente Cordero, at Industrialism Films.

Fernando grew up in Orcutt, CA, which he describes as “a blue collar town centered in the middle of strawberry fields. He knew from when he was a child that the agricultural lifestyle wasn’t for him. Instead, he drew robots. “I was always very interested in drawing and painting, trying to paint the world in a different way, to grasp my perspective and share it,” Fernando remembers. He was lucky, he says, because despite living in such a small town, he had access to film programs at both his high school and the nearby Community College that helped to encourage his interests and nourish his talents. He credits his high school mentor, Mr. Garcia, as the first teacher to push the boundaries of his creativity.  Fernando’s work can be seen on MTV, MTVU, and VHI.  With the interest that music managers, labels and production companies have been showing in Industrialism Films growing body of work, Fernando plans to keep his focus on music videos. “I’ve found my niche.” He smiles. “I’ve found the freedom to do films the way I want to.”


Written by Melanie Thompson, SWOOP Magazine